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Best Timing Belt Kits Supplier in Malaysia

All Inclusive Timing Belt Kit Solution: Key for Optimal Engine Performance

Enjoy hearing ferocious engine rumbling, thrilling horsepower and flawless engine operation with Remco’s unbeatable range of high quality first-grade branded timing belt kits.

Designed as a complete repair solution to help you save more on buying individual parts and ensure a worry-free operation, our all-in-one timing belt kits cover everything you need for a belt replacement project — ranging from timing belt, water pump , tensioner and oil seal. All offered at one price!

With our timing belt components sourced from the industry’s leading brands and built with top-grade rubber materials, as well as high-wear-resistant fabric for guaranteed long-lasting dependability and slip-proof power transmission, so you can be rest assured that you’ll receive only the highest quality products from Remco — the best timing belt kit supplier in Malaysia with the greatest commitment for excellent product quality. Plus, they also come with a full 2-year warranty or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Feel confident, also, that you can find the timing belts that match your vehicle to keep the engine running optimally in our online store, since our parts are all engineered specifically in order to be able to cover most vehicle makes and models in Malaysia. So, whether you are looking for auto parts for a Toyota or timing belts for a Saga, Myvi, Persona, Wira or any other brands and models, Remco stock every component to enable you to find the best product for your specific ride.

Over the years, our customer base has grown significantly thanks to the premium quality of our products. That’s the reason why Remco has known to be the number one online shop for high-end auto parts in Malaysia.

A timing belt, also known as a cambelt, is a rubber-made toothed belt designed to synchronize both upper (known as the camshaft that consists of the cylinder head and valves) and bottom (known as the crankshaft that consists of the crankcase and pistons) portions of an engine for internal combustion to take place — where the engine will convert energy coming from the burning fuel into a rotational power that, eventually drives your vehicle forward. In some specific circumstances, a timing belt will also be used to drive other engine components like the water pump and oil pump.

Hence, it is important to have your car equipped with a well-functioning timing belt for that synchronicity in order to keep your vehicle’s engine running effectively and optimally all the time.

A malfunctioning timing belt, on the other hand, could lead to severe engine damage by which a sudden snap of the broken belt will cause your engine’s pistons to crash against the valves — resulting in bent pistons and valves, broken cylinder heads, or even damaged cylinder wall that can only be fixed with a complete engine overhaul.

Don't let today's small noise become tomorrow's big headache. Having your timing belts changed when it reaches the replacement interval or shows any warning signs is important to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Help your engine function properly on and off the road by ordering from Remco — Malaysia’s top timing belt supplier that well-known for supplying high-quality automotive products.

Unlike timing belts, a timing belt kit usually comes with a complete line of accessories that you would need for a belt replacement project. These, however, included timing belt, coolant pump (also known as water pump) , tensioner and oil seal. Most of the time, professional technicians and auto mechanics would recommend you to replace everything in one shot. This is because, with all these parts installed simultaneously, you can ensure an optimal engine operation without having your car sent for repeated repairs due to premature worn-out of any other parts within the kit — if you purchased and have them installed individually.

1.  Quality Assurance
At Remco, we offer only the top performance timing-related components sourced from the global industry leaders — with all the accessories 100% fully tested to be compatible with both OEM and ISO 9001 standards.

To provide you with a greater value for money, our one-stop timing belt kit sets are even offered at price as low from RM59.00. So, you can expect incredible value at an affordable cost.

2.  Guranteed to Fit All Car Brands & Models
Formulated specifically to meet the requirements demanded by both domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers, rest assured that you can find everything you need that fit your model for all your belts replacement needs at Remco.

3.  Provide You with Total Confidence
In addition to have all the components inspected for perfect fit and function, our timing belts are also covered with a full 2-year warranty or 100,000 kilometers whichever comes first.

So, you can feel confident when buying parts online from Remco.

Experience improved horsepower and help your engine performs to its full potential by upgrading your timing belt from Remco. Designed as a one-stop solution that contains everything you need to replace key wear parts in addition to the timing belt itself, all of our kit components have also undergone stringent tests to ensure they meet OEM-specific requirements for guaranteed long-lasting peak performance.

1.  Timimg Belt
Made with the high-grade Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) for superior heat and contamination resistance — to ensure it can endure extreme engine heat.

2.  Tensioner
Starting your vehicle without a tightly fastened drive belt can be dangerous — that might ultimately result in an engine failure. Therefore, you need a belt tensioner to help you fasten the strap to ensure proper operation.

Rest assured that all the tensioners we include in our kit are of OEM-specifications and supplied from only the world’s leading aftermarket brands.

3.  Water Pump
Manufactured with top quality components, Remco’s water pump provides highly efficient and optimal cooling for your engine without overloading it.

4.  Oil Seal
Sourced originally from VITON and is 100% fully tested to ensure long-lasting dependability in your high-temperature engine compartments.

Varies depending on your respective vehicle manufacturer. However, it is recommended to have your belt replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles (around 7-10 years) to serve as a preventative measure that helps you to avoid costly engine repairs from a broken belt.